Empowering Farmers with Technology Enabling Global Supply Chain

Transforming agriculture starts with being a trusted partner to farmers. We work with and source from farmers across multiple supply chains and geographies, working closely with them to build long-term relationships based on responsible business practices and trust.

FnB Agritech is a leader in food and beverage in high-growth emerging markets with proven expertise, processing capabilities and a global origination footprint. We offer our customers a deep understanding of market needs, built through our on-the-ground presence in Indonesia over the last 10+ years. Our operating capabilities in global origination, processing, trading, logistics, distribution and risk management set us apart from our peers, while our strategic manufacturing assets in key destination markets strengthen our service to customers.

Takengong, 75 Ha

Located in Desa Pondok Balek, Ketol District, Takengon, Aceh, which is currently cultivated with 85% chili and 15% sugarcane on an area of 75 hectares.

Pakpak Bharat Thm

Pakpak Barat, 2.600 Ha

Located in Pakpak Bharat, North Sumatra,
with a total area of 3500 hectares. Coffee and Vegetable farm.

Bandung, 16 Ha

Located in Kelurahan warga mekar kecamatan, Baleendah, Kabutapen Bandung, with a total area of 16 hectares.

Julok, Aceh Timur, 90 Ha

Located in Julok, Aceh Timur, with a total area of 90 hectares. This land is very suitable for planting rice.


Percut Sei Tuan, Medan, 75 Ha

Located in Percut Sei Tuan, Medan, with a total area of 75 hectares. This land is very suitable for planting rice and corn.

Agricultural Collaboration 1000+ HA Land Wanted in Java

We are currently seeking landowners in the Javanese region who possess land certificates under the Hak Guna Usaha (HGU) designation, with a minimum area of 1000 hectares, for a partnership in agriculture. If you or someone you know owns land meeting these criteria, we are highly interested in establishing a mutually beneficial collaboration. Please reach out to us for further information.

Exploring IoT-Driven for Agriculture

The Internet of Things can solve the complexityof data analysis. IoT devices and sensors can gather real-time data about soil quality, temperature, moisture levels, and other key factors affecting crop growth and health. IoT- enabled precision agriculture systems can automate many of the processes involved in data collection and analysis, making it easier and more efficient for producers to make informed decisions about crop management.

Successful Collaboration for
Modern Agriculture on one Platform

FnB Agritech is revolutionizing the agricultural sector by bringing together two important elements in the industry: tie-dye farmers and high-achieving farmers. This innovative platform is designed as a forum for collaboration between individuals, companies or investors who have capital strength but lack knowledge in the field of agriculture (farmers with ties), with individual farmers or groups of farmers who have farming skills and experience but are constrained by funding (farmers with achievements). This unique concept allows berdasi farmers to choose their own working partners from among outstanding farmers, creating synergies that maximize agricultural production potential with efficiency and innovation.

On the other hand, FnB Agritech not only acts as a mediator between these two groups, but also provides full support in the form of land rental facilities, vital infrastructure such as roads, electricity and housing (mess), as well as providing Production Facilities (Saprodi) or Production Facilities Agriculture (Saprotan) is needed. Furthermore, this platform is equipped with adequate IT support, ensuring all business processes can run smoothly and efficiently. In this way, FnB Agritech paves the way for inclusive, sustainable and highly competitive agricultural sector growth, where each party can contribute according to their strengths and expertise.

Agri Production Supply

Agri Training by Certified Trainer

Post Harvest Loan Payback

Best Market Access Price

As a leading agritech company at FnB, we are committed to supporting the transition to more sustainable and efficient agriculture practices and are extremely proud to share about loT devices such as Digital Scale, Portable Soil Analysis, and Auto Drone Fertilizer Spray.



Sweet Patato




Sugar Cane


" I had an amazing experience at the agritech farm! The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and I learned so much about sustainable farming practices. The farm itself was beautiful and serene, and I loved being able to escape the city and connect with nature. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a unique and educational vacation. "

Diana Deli

" I can't say enough good things about my stay at the agritech farm. The accommodations were comfortable and clean, and the food was absolutely delicious - everything was made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. I also loved being able to participate in farm activities like harvesting produce and milking cows. It was such a rewarding and peaceful experience, and I can't wait to go back! "


" As someone who is passionate about sustainable agriculture, the agritech farm was an absolute dream come true. I got to see firsthand how the farmers implemented sustainable farming practices, and I learned so much about the benefits of regenerative agriculture. It was also incredibly inspiring to see the sense of community and cooperation among the farmers and staff. I left feeling both educated and rejuvenated, and I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who shares my passion for sustainable living. "


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